Stakeholder Profiling

The Stakeholder Profiling course provides a proven and practical technique that will help you to identify, negotiate for, and engage the necessary stakeholder resources during your next project. Through this course you will learn the six steps process that will allow you to more effectively engage with stakeholders, and to reduce your risk of missed requirements.

You Will Learn About

  • How to Model the Scope of Your Project

    The first of the four core models for scoping requirements, the relationship map plays an integral role in stakeholder profiling. Learn how to effectively develop a relationship map to kick-start your next project.

  • Six Steps to Mastering Stakeholder Profiling

    Discover the proven steps to successfully employ the stakeholder profiling technique. Through this course you will learn each step to better identify stakeholders for your next project and how to more effectively negotiate for and utilize stakeholder resources.

  • How To Conduct Successful Stakeholder Surveys

    Learning how to effectively interview potential stakeholders is key to the stakeholder profiling technique. This course includes an interview script as a downloadable quick-reference job aid.

  • Effective Brainstorming Techniques

    The critical step in stakeholder profiling is brainstorming for topics of expertise. It’s not about who you know. Rather, success lies in identifying what the who knows. That is, first pinpoint the knowledge that is needed, and then find stakeholders who have the necessary knowledge.

Course Specifications

  • Lessons:          31 Lessons

  • Quizzes:          20 Quizzes

  • Video:               2 Hours and 8 Minutes

  • Skill Level:        All Levels

  • Language:        English

  • Price:                 $48

  • Credit Hours:    4

  • Audience:

      Business Analysts
      Project Managers
      Product Owners

  • Includes:

      Instructor Support
      Certificate of Completion
      Course Download Materials
      30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Course Curriculum

1. Stakeholder Profiling Introduction

1. Stakeholder Profiling Course Roadmap        4:22

2. Relationship Map Overview     10:58

2. Stakeholder Profiling Overview

3. Part One Overview – Identify Potential Stakeholders    9:36

4. Part Two Overview – Secure the Stakeholders    13:36

5. Stakeholder Profile Overview – Recap    1:20

3. Part One, Step One: Review Existing Business Models

6. The Meaning of Business Models    3:55

7. What You Can Do If No Business Models Exist    6:21

4. Part One, Step Two: Brainstorm Topics of Expertise

8. Brainstorm Topics of Expertise – Introduction    2:20

9. I-Need-Someone-Who-Knows Technique    2:57

10. Brainstorming Example    4:29

11. The Assumption Trap    4:13

12. Brainstorm Topics of Expertise – Success Criteria    1:28

5. Part One, Step Three: Naming Potential Stakeholders

13. The Meaning of Potential    5:31

6. Part Two, Step Four: Survey Potential Stakeholders

14. Build Your Stakeholder Survey    3:52

15. Mastering the 20-Minute Interview    2:14

16. 20-Minute Interview Tips    4:20

17. Stakeholder Benefits of Stakeholder Profiling    3:45

18. Survey Potential Stakeholders – Success Criteria    1:24

7. Part Two, Step Five: Compile and Analyze Stakeholder Surveys

19. Compile and Analyze Stakeholder Surveys    6:06

8. Part Two, Step Six: Secure Stakeholder Resources

20. Secure Stakeholder Resources – Introduction     2:02

21. Using Your Compiled Surveys to Plan Requirements Activities     2:49

22. Using Your Compiled Surveys to Negotiate for Resources     4:43

9. Stakeholder Profiling Frequently Asked Questions

23. Stakeholder Profiling FAQ Introduction    1:32

24. When Do I Use Stakeholder Profiling?    1:50

25. What If A Stakeholder Says They Know More Than They Do?     2:03

26. What If A Stakeholder Says They Know Less Than They Do?    1:36

27. What If A Stakeholder Always Declines My Meeting Invitations?    3:11

28. What If A Stakeholder Truly Is Too Busy?    1:48

29. How Do I Approach The Sponsor For More Resources?    2:34

30. How Does Stakeholder Profiling Help Me To Plan My Requirements Activities?    2:23

31. Can You Share An Example Of How Stakeholder Profiling Helped You Plan?    3:55

Course Downloads

(All Items listed below are included)

For Those Seeking To

  • Reduce the risk of missed requirements due to overlooked stakeholders
  • Identify and gain access to the right stakeholders
  • Eliminate wasted time in ‘all-team’ meetings
  • Increase stakeholder buy-in and commitment to the requirements
  • Plan and estimate stakeholder involvement in requirement activities
  • Better utilize project resources

You Will Be Able To

  • Successfully identify the stakeholders that you need on your next project
  • Brainstorm topics of expertise within scope
  • Apply a script to conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Plan requirements activities to align with resource availability
  • Estimate level of stakeholder engagement
  • Overcome challenges with stakeholders who are inexperienced, unavailable, bottlenecks, or simply uncooperative

Your Instructor

Roxanne Miller, retired CBAP

The Requirements Super Freak has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry since 1984 and founded Requirements Quest® in 2001. She has been consulting on requirements process improvement and business analysis practices for over 20 years. Roxanne earned a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, USA.
Learn more about Roxanne here!