Requirements Fundamentals

This course provides industry terminology and lays a solid foundation for advancing your career. Upon completion you will be able to identify stages of the requirements management process, three levels and four types of requirements, as well as 12 activities in a proven requirements approach. You’ll come away with tools and techniques to help you succeed on your next project.

You Will Learn About

  • Four Roles

    Explore four roles that collaborate to achieve good requirements. Identify with common job titles that perform these requirement roles. Discover how you can contribute to developing requirements on your next project.

  • Requirements Management Process

    Discover the five stages of the requirements process: elicitation, analysis, representation, validation, and requirements change control. Gain insight into the key tasks that are performed within each process stage.

  • Requirements Hierarchy (Levels)

    Use three requirement levels to iteratively and incrementally apply the requirements process. The requirement levels help you gage where you are and where you are heading as you navigate your route to good requirements.

  • Requirement Types

    Explore four types of software requirements. You will gain an understanding of questions to elicit these requirements, as well as a suggested format for writing each requirement type to improve consistency.

  • Requirements Quest Approach

    Learn to apply a proven, iterative and incremental 12-activity approach that has helped our clients reduce missed requirements, develop good requirements, and ultimately implement better systems.

Course Specifications

  • Lessons:          30 Lessons

  • Quizzes:          26 Quizzes

  • Video:               3 Hours and 6 Minutes

  • Skill Level:        All Levels

  • Language:        English

  • Price:                 $58

  • Credit Hours:    5

  • Audience:

      Business Analysts
      Project Managers
      Product Owners
      Development Team
      Quality Analysts

  • Includes:

      Instructor Support
      Certificate of Completion
      Course Download Materials
      30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Course Curriculum

1. Requirements Fundamentals Introduction

1. Requirements Fundamentals Course Roadmap        4:11

2. Requirement Roles

2. Requirements Roles Introduction     5:32

3. Requirement Producers     6:05

4. Requirement Suppliers    8:25

5. Requirements Receivers     5:38

6. Requirements Supporters     4:18

7. Requirement Roles Conclusion     3:16

3. The Quest For Good Requirements

8. What Are Good Requirements?     10:50

4. Requirements Hierarchy (Levels)

9. Requirements Hierarchy     6:44

5. Requirements Types

10. Requirement Types Introduction     2:35

11. Business Requirements     5:17

12. User Requirements     9:34

13. Functional Requirements     7:52

14. Nonfunctional Requirements     14:18

15. Requirement Types Conclusion     3:02

6. Requirements Management Process Stages

16. Requirement Management Process Introduction     7:03

17. Requirements Elicitation    7:34

18. Requirements Analysis    4:04

19. Requirements Representation    5:40

20. Requirements Validation     11:34

21. Requirements Change Control     9:04

22. Benefits of Applying a Requirements Management Process     5:56

7. Requirements Quest Approach

23. The Requirements Quest Approach Introduction    5:47

24. Business-Level Activities     4:29

25. User-Level Activities     4:24

26. System-Level Activities     6:05

8. What Requirements Are Not

27. Contents of a Requirements Specification     2:59

28. Why and What Versus How    3:09

29. Exclude Project Related Information     2:44

30. Business Rules Are Not Requirements    7:51

Course Downloads

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For Those Seeking To

  • Collaborate with others to develop good requirements
  • Apply a requirements management process to elicit, analyze, represent, validate, and manage changes to requirements
  • Differentiate between business, user, functional, and nonfunctional requirement types
  • Consistently apply an approach to requirement activities
  • Improve communication effectiveness with stakeholders

You Will Be Able To

  • Identify tasks in a 5-stage requirements management process
  • Communicate with consistent terminology
  • Ask suggested questions to better elicit various requirement types
  • Apply sentence formats to write requirement statements
  • Identify 12 activities in the Requirements Approach
  • Articulate what requirements are and are not

Your Instructor

Roxanne Miller, retired CBAP

The Requirements Super Freak has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry since 1984 and founded Requirements Quest® in 2001. She has been consulting on requirements process improvement and business analysis practices for over 20 years. Roxanne earned a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, USA.
Learn more about Roxanne here!