Nonfunctional Requirements

This is the ultimate nonfunctional requirements course! Upon completion you will be able to apply a user-focused approach and classify 19 common nonfunctional requirement categories into 3 groups, and access hundreds of written nonfunctional requirement examples.

You Will Learn About

  • Complex Nature of NFRs

    The user-focused nonfunctional classification presented in this course helps an organization combat the subjective, relative, and integrated nature of these vital, yet frequently overlooked requirements.

  • Anatomy of a Nonfunctional Category

    This course describes common nonfunctional categories that apply to software systems. Your organization might determine that additional categories are necessary based on the particular products and services offered. The components of the Anatomy of a Nonfunctional Category provides a simple pattern for developing and defining additional categories beyond those presented.

  • How to Reduce the Risk of Missing NFRs

    Industry challenges contribute to the difficulty of understanding nonfunctional requirements including: no agreed upon complete list of nonfunctional characteristics, no industry-accepted definition of the term nonfunctional, and no single, uniform classification of nonfunctional attributes. This course shares six activities that your organization can apply to save time and money by avoiding the consequences of missed nonfunctional requirements.

  • User-Focused Classification

    Nonfunctional requirements can be classified based on the user’s need for software quality. Addressing a user concern will necessitate the formulation of a number of functional requirements, but the user concerns will also act to constrain other requirements that are characteristic of nonfunctional requirements. User concerns for software quality are grouped under three important aspects: its operational characteristics, its ability to undergo change, and its adaptability to new environments.

Course Specifications

  • Lessons:          32 Lessons

  • Quizzes:          31 Quizzes

  • Video:               4 Hours and 45 Minutes

  • Skill Level:        All Levels

  • Language:        English

  • Price:                 $97

  • Credit Hours:   8

  • Audience:

      Business Analysts
      Project Managers
      Product Owners
      Development Team
      Quality Analysts

  • Includes:

      Instructor Support
      Certificate of Completion
      Course Download Materials
      30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Course Curriculum

1. Nonfunctional Requirements Introduction

1. Nonfunctional Requirements Course Roadmap        5:06

2. Are The Definitions Dysfunctional?        8:12

3. Vital, Yet Why So Difficult?        5:13

4. A User-Focused Approach        7:38

5. Anatomy of a Nonfunctional Category        6:47

6. How to Reduce Risk of Missing Nonfunctional Requirements        8:49

2. Case Study Project Introduction

7. Case Study Roadmap        4:11

8. Entities in the Scope of the Case Study        6:46

9. Current-State Relationship Map        5:33

10. Project Scope Relationship Map        5:18

3. Operation Group

11. Operation Group Introduction        3:03

12. Access Security        13:01

13. Accessibility        16:13

14. Availability        9:08

15. Confidentiality        19:33

16. Efficiency        10:38

17. Integrity        8:51

18. Reliability        10:59

19. Safety        8:05

20. Survivability        12:15

21. Usability        8:21

4. Revision Group

22. Revision Group Introduction        2:21

23. Flexibility        10:25

24. Maintainability        12:37

25. Modifiability        9:48

26. Scalability        8:08

27. Verifiability        12:39

5. Transition Group

28. Transition Group Introduction        2:10

29. Installability        15:15

30. Interoperability        8:32

31. Portability        9:00

32. Reusability        11:29

Course Downloads

(All Items listed below are included)

For Those Seeking To

  • Reduce the risk of missing nonfunctional requirements
  • Collaborate with others to develop nonfunctional requirements
  • Apply a user-focused approach to eliciting nonfunctional requirements
  • Represent nonfunctional requirements in any development environment such as waterfall and agile
  • Understand factors that contribute to challenges in eliciting nonfunctional requirements

You Will Be Able To

  • Classify nonfunctional requirement categories into 3 groups
  • Identify 19 nonfunctional requirement categories
  • Access over 100 nonfunctional requirement examples
  • Utilize a template to write nonfunctional requirements
  • Apply an anatomy of nonfunctional requirements to define categories specific to your organization

Your Instructor

Roxanne Miller, retired CBAP

The Requirements Super Freak has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry since 1984 and founded Requirements Quest® in 2001. She has been consulting on requirements process improvement and business analysis practices for over 20 years. Roxanne earned a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, USA.
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