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Invest in yourself, and progress your career with Requirements Quest’s online, on-demand business analyst training courses. The content of our on-demand courses aligns with the proven content delivered in our live courses. Now you can absorb it at a convenient time and comfortable place of your choosing! Learn practical, proven techniques today to perform with confidence tomorrow.

On Demand Course Offerings

Requirements Fundamentals

In Requirements Fundamentals you will learn about 4 roles that contribute to good requirements, 5 stages of the requirements management process, 3 levels in the requirements hierarchy, 4 types of software requirements, and 12 activities that make up the Requirements Quest Approach.

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Stakeholder Profiling

In Stakeholder Profiling you will learn how to identify the right resources for your next project. This powerful technique will help you plan your requirements activities, and better estimate when and how much stakeholder involvement is needed.

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Four Core Models for Scoping Requirements

In Four Core Models for Scoping Requirements you will learn how to confidently illustrate relationships between entities, depict primary and secondary actors, model the inputs and outputs of a system boundary, and map the flow of activities in a process. You’ll also get tips for facilitating successful workshops.

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Nonfunctional Requirements

In Nonfunctional Requirements you will learn about a user-focused approach to classifying 19 common nonfunctional requirement categories, review an anatomy of a nonfunctional requirement category, and discover 6 activities that will help you reduce the risk of missing these vital requirements.

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