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Our Philosophy

The Requirements Quest philosophy is captured in our logo, which we refer to as “the hand”. The hand symbolizes the importance of stakeholder involvement, both internal and external, as a critical factor for project success. The goal of a successful Requirements Management Process is to get a consistent interpretation of the requirements from all the stakeholders.

Requirements Quest applies a proven repeatable, five-stage Requirements Management Process that significantly elevates the involvement of the right stakeholders, and fosters a collaborative team approach with increased commitment to the requirements.

The five stages of the process are symbolized by the five fingers on “the hand.” The first four fingers represent the iterative activities of requirements development: Elicitation, Analysis, Representation, and Validation. Upon successful refinement, detailing, and approval of the requirements, the requirements are baselined in the Change Control stage (represented by the thumb) where requests for change are monitored to maintain scope.

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Our Story

Founded in 2001, Requirements Quest is an industry leader in requirements management and business analysis consultancy. Requirements Quest is renowned for its Requirements Quest Process — a superior, repeatable approach to requirements elicitation, analysis, representation, and validation, which is deployed on client consulting engagements.

As a solution-driven company, we are devoted to working with our clients to improve their requirements development and management processes, and committed to developing the skills of business analysis practitioners. Our highly-credible consultants bring years of practical experience and knowledge into your organization, and work diligently to transfer that knowledge and promote the development of your own internal requirements expertise.

Our goal is bringing your business into focus® so you can achieve effective and efficient business results. Our unique training provides a role-based approach to implementing requirements practices. Quality requirements and successful software projects are not the sole responsibility of the business analyst role; rather, quality requirements are the result of collaboration from multiple stakeholders.

We proudly sponsor the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and founded the Greater Madison Chapter, Wisconsin, USA. Through our participation in the Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) program of IIBA®, we enhance the skills of thousands of practitioners in business analysis and requirements management techniques.

Requirements Super Freak Roxanne Miller of Requirements Quest

Roxanne Miller, CBAP

Roxanne Miller is the Requirements Super Freak. She has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry since 1984 and founded Requirements Quest® in 2001. She has been consulting on requirements process improvement and business analysis practices for over 20 years. Roxanne earned a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA.

As a result of her expertise, passion, and energizing presentation style, Roxanne is a frequent speaker at business analysis industry conferences such as BusinessAnalystWorld. Furthermore, she is a back-by-popular-demand speaker for non-profit organizations such as Project Management Institute (PMI), Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN), and Wisconsin Information Systems Quality Assurance (WISQA).

Roxanne is an active member and advocate of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), and is a Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®). She founded the IIBA Greater Madison Chapter, Wisconsin, USA, and served as President from 2006 to 2011. Additionally, Roxanne helped Wisconsin IIBA chapters unite and launch an annual event, WI BADD® (Wisconsin Business Analyst Development Day), which is devoted to the education, development, and networking opportunities for business analysis professionals.

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