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At Requirements Quest, we believe that ‘Good Requirements’ are the result of effective team communication and collaboration. That’s why we take a role-based approach to moving your organization forward.
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Requirements Management Process Improvement

Does your team struggle with requirements elicitation, analysis, representation, or validation?Through Requirements Quest consulting services, we can help you through the application of established process improvement models and concepts to bring industry standards to your organization.

At Requirements Quest, we believe that…

  • A process that is 'Documented' can be repeated.

    We focus on helping your team build a standardized process for developing requirements to ensure consistent quality from day one.

  • A process that is 'Repeatable' can be measured.

    Having a process is one thing, having a process that is repeatable is another. Our goal is to help you incorporate a process that can be applied to each and every project.

  • A process that is 'Measurable' can be improved!

    Metrics that are meaningful to your organization are established so that you and your staff can see growth.

The outcome of successful requirements practices is a consistent interpretation of the requirements from all the stakeholders.

How Can Requirements Quest Help You?

There is no typical client, but there are shared traits. Clients recognize that they cannot get where they want to be by using the same approach that they’ve used before. They trust the process and participate, even when they can’t see how it is going to get them where they want to be.

Principal Consultant Roxanne Miller has years of experience leading organizations in their successful implementation of a Requirements Management Office (RMO), also referred to as a Business Analysis Center of Excellence (BACoE). With expertise in accepted industry standards such as IIBA® and CMMI®, Roxanne is instrumental in bringing best-practices into organizations in various environments from state higher-education institutions to Fortune 100 enterprises.

Roxanne will work with you to:

  • Define and/or refine your requirements management process
  • Document your repeatable, requirements management process
  • Train and educate staff on your requirements management process
  • Create roles and responsibilities, and templates and deliverables to align with process phases
  • Identify metrics for monitoring and tracking continuous process improvement
  • Development the skills of internal staff to perform as process owner and process mentors
  • Establish forums for sustaining your requirements management process

Client Consulting Testimonials

“Roxanne is an excellent consultant on Requirements Management. She provides the right balance between the science of “doing requirements right” with the practical reality of applying the methodology in a real-life business environment. Roxanne has a great coaching and mentoring style — and used good examples and exercises in her courses to instill the knowledge in her students. I continue to utilize what I learned from Roxanne during the time I worked with her and believe that our business analysts learned a core skill that immediately increased their effectiveness on day one.”Michele Stanton, Manager, IT Management and Control, Strategy and Technology, QBE the Americas
“Our firm hired Roxanne to bring to life our vision of a cutting edge service management application. She delivered on the assignment with comprehensive requirements documents, but along the way managed to put her stamp on our company and our management team as well. Working with Roxanne enhanced the skills of several key leaders in our organization. She was fully invested in the process and sharing her knowledge. Her creativity enhanced the application tremendously. An expert in her field, Roxanne is committed to growth and the growth of her clients, and is a lot of fun to work with to boot. We hope to work with Roxanne again in the future.”Micheal Herman – Senior Vice President – HSA Home Warranty

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